"Susan – With regards to the Internship, it is incredible how the Academic portion of the Teacher Training Course comes alive when the practical aspect takes place within the right setting! It is so true that the prepared environment is paramount! However, it is not just furnishings and materials that need to be prepared – that is only just the beginning! The dedication of the Director to the most minuscule details of the environment of the school and the students is what sets Montessori Casa International apart from the rest. The day begins with the children bursting through the door full of excitement and expectations. Immediately the children don their smocks and slippers and you can clearly see that they have also proudly donned an "attitude of school" along with the attire. The children get right to work preparing the classroom by putting away the clean dishes, filling the dishpans with soapy water, clearing the breakfast table and stocking the fridge with their lunches. Next they embark on a true work cycle with each child choosing work meaningful and interesting to them. At this point you can often look around the room and see some pleasant socializing and "giving lessons" to each other! It is so sweet to see them asking each other for lessons! The theory behind the vertical age grouping really takes on significance when you see this. There are always attractive and inspiring materials available for them to explore! Punum is fond of saying we "entice" the child to the materials and sometimes I can truly see them mesmerized at the shelf! If environment encourages the right attitude and motivation in the children then "following the child" becomes just that – following in awe at their internal self-regulation. Recess, lunch and rest time is the same the world over for most preschool children. However, our children are encouraged to use this time to develop skills necessary to become a part of their school community. They do this through gardening together on the playground (each playing a vital role in the process); practicing acceptable behaviors at the dining table (learning to wait your turn to contribute appropriately to the conversation); and respecting the needs of others during rest time (quiet reading or enhancement activities in hushed and sometimes reverent tones!) I hope this has given you a small birds' eye view into the daily life and times of MCI – we look forward to your visiting soon! I am happy to talk with you about the mechanics of the Internship – it is simply that I find MCI and the children so enchanting that time spent at work has taken on a new meaning – time spent enjoying the company of friends! "
Debbie Rashid - Class of 2011

Where to begin when talking about a hidden gem....Montessori Casa International has changed my life in the most amazingly beautiful way. After being around students who "just wanted to get the grade" in college I found myself wanting to learn more about Montessori. I grew up in a Montessori environment and I was unlike many of my college peers...I loved to learn. When I walked into Montessori Casa International, I knew I was home. As Punum explained the course and talked about Maria Montessori, I could not only feel the passion and love that she had for Montessori but I also knew that studying under her was going to be the education of a lifetime. The course was challenging, inspiring, and made me say "Yes, this is my purpose." Punum gave me the tools to strive to be the best Montessori teacher (and parent) that I could possibly be. Montessori is a philosophy that changes lives and Montessori Casa International gave me more than I could ever have imagined.

Charlie Dixon - Class of 2011

"I have been in training at MCI since September, 2011. Three of us live in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico, and each week we commute to Denver to attend class.
For me, it has been an amazing journey into the world of Maria Montessori. This is in great part due to the work of Punum Bhatia who has been very proficient in passing on Dr. Montessori's teachings. Mrs. Bhatia is extremely knowledgeable in the Montessori Method and, as a true educator, has been able to pass on to her students the essence of the teachings. She has been true to the foundations set by Dr. Montessori and has encouraged her students to do likewise. I have been particularly pleased that Mrs. Bhatia has been able to transmit the spirituality that underpins Dr. Montessori's observations and insights. This, for me, has been a real plus and the reason why I chose to attend MCI, rather than AMS in Boulder, Colorado. I have not been disappointed. In fact, Mrs. Bhatia has been most inspiring and passionate about what she teaches. Furthermore, she has great concern for her students and has been truly supportive in helping us succeed.
I most highly recommend being trained under Mrs. Bhatia. As far as I am concerned, there is no better teacher to train a student in the Montessori Method or a better school to attend. My weekly commute to Denver attests to that."
Prudence Atkins - Class of 2012

I am so thankful for my Montessori education.  It has completely changed the lens in which I view early childhood.  I was so fortunate to undergo my Montessori training as a young mother (in fact, I was pregnant during most of the course!) and I feel I am better mother because of my Montessori background.  It seems that not a day goes by that I don't reference Montessori in some way  - to a parent of one of my students, to a co-teacher, to prospective family on a school tour or to a friend with young children.  Montessori's educational philosophy and understanding of young children remains pertinent and relevant in modern society.  I am thankful for my journey with Punum Bhatia and MCI - it has truly enhanced my life.
Jenny Richard - Class of 2004

"When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears."  This is exactly what happened to us.  In the last four months, we, two friends and I, have been traveling from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to Denver, Colorado to get our Montessori teacher certification. The teacher showed up in the person of Mrs. Punum Bhatia, a person full of enthusiasm and deep understanding of the Montessori Method.  She also shows deep love and respect for the children.  We could not have found a better mentor.  She leads us in the footsteps of Dr. Montessori."
Dominique Harrison - Class of 2012

"I came to this course with a Master’s Degree in Education, an AMI Assistants to Infancy Diploma and many years experience teaching in the classroom. I had firm ideas about Dr. Montessori and her theories, and was skeptical that I had very much left to learn. I found the MCI course enlightening and challenging. From the beginning, the course transformed me. I found myself more firmly rooted in the Montessori philosophy but best of all this course allowed me to expand my knowledge of all early childhood educators, making me a more dynamic teacher.”
Rebecca Howell - Class of 2009

"This course has challenged me to go beyond just the presentation of Montessori materials and into the philosophy and reason behind them. It brings a focus on the inner preparation that is required in order to better understand and support the child. The ECTD course builds a strong classroom community of educators through interactive discussion, instruction, and practical application of the materials. This training has prepared me personally and professionally to build and maintain an authentic Montessori classroom."
Kara Lommel - Class of 2010

"Training with MCI under Punum Bhatia was the best way to jump start my career as a Montessori directress.  Not only was she professional, but she was personal and invested in each student.  The training was comprehensive, and prepared me well for educating and caring for children.  This course is well developed and allows students to truly learn and internalize the philosophy as well as the curriculum.  Additionally, this course left me feeling empowered and more passionate about my career.  This is more than a course, my peers became family.  I will be forever grateful for having been through this training with Punum, as it has shaped me and become part of who I am."
Tori Loomis -Class of 2010

"The ECTD program with the Montessori Centre International of Denver changed my life. t gave me direction and passion for life. As with the Montessori philosophy I truly feel I was given experiences and opportunities to grow towards my full potential. The course is so rich in information, knowledge, and growth that I would take it again and again if I could. It is an experience I would not trade for the world. I am now a Montessorian for life."
Pauline Meert -Class of 2008

Over the years I've often referred back to one life changing moment. This was when I decided to start training as a Montessori teacher. I had no idea what I was getting into. I just wanted to have a focus. It's been 11 years. I've finished a bachelors in elementary education and masters in early childhood special education and nothing changed me more and made such an impact as my training with MCI. I've taught all ages and ranges and I always refer back to the core of who I am, which is Montessori. I am now working in a beautiful school in Colorado Springs, which is lovely. All of the teacher come from different Montessori backgrounds and I feel that my MCI training fully prepared me for the challenges and successes I've come across. I'm thankful for it every day.
Amber Richardson - Class of 2004