Our Early Childhood Teaching course is designed to develop a high level of professional competence in students who wish to become teachers of the Montessori Method for children from two and half to six years of age. Our course is designed to be user-friendly – we want to make it possible for anyone who wants to learn about the Montessori Method to be able to take the course. Our sessions run once a week and are spaced out over a year so that students have enough time to complete course work and enjoy the whole learning experience.

The overview of important educational philosophies provided by the course enables students to construct a coherent set of educational values alongside detailed study of the Montessori philosophy and approach. They are also given precise instruction in the use of the teaching aids designed and applied by Maria Montessori.
The syllabus includes: Montessori Philosophy, Child Development, Observation and Assessment, Contemporary Issues, Child Care and Health, Exercises of Practical Life, Education of the Senses, Literacy Skills, Mathematics, Cultural Subjects, Art and Craft, Music and Movement and Drama.

Equal Opportunities
MCI, Denver is committed to the active pursuit of an equal opportunities policy which addresses the need and right of everyone in the Centre to be treated with respect and dignity, in an environment in which a diversity of backgrounds and experiences is valued. MCI Denver does not discriminate with regard to sex, marital status, disability, race, ethnicity or national origin in the administration of its education, admissions or personnel policies.

The Early Childhood Teaching Diploma Course is divided into three stages:
Stage 1: Students study for a period of one academic year (280 hours).
Stage 2: Students take the Practical and Written Examinations.
Stage 3
: Students complete 620 hours of teaching practice.
Students are taught through lectures, demonstrations, seminars, and audio-visual aids.

College Credit
St. Catherine’s University honors 15 credits of coursework from MCI towards the 30 credits needed for a Master’s degree. All classes are held on-line and include Analysis of Contemporary Issues in Montessori Education, Profession Growth of the Montessori Guide and Classroom Management and Leadership. This allows you to further your professional knowledge in a flexible one year course of study.

Sarasota University offers a Masters of Arts degree in Montessori Education and in Montessori Leadership. MCI students may apply up to 9 credits towards these degrees.

Council for Professional Recognition
The MCI training program has been recognized by the Council for Professional Recognition as exceeding the Competency Standards of the Child Development Associate (CDA) National Credentialing Program. Therefore, graduates are considered to have met all eligibility requirements and evaluation processes for the CDA required of all Head Start and Early Head Start teachers.

Group Leader Qualification: State of Colorado

MCI students are Group Leader certified in the State of Colorado.

Entry qualifications
Applicants must have studied to High School level, or above, have good written and spoken English and be aged 18 years or over. All candidates are assessed for entry on individual merits.

Financial Assistance
Deferred Payment Plans are available.
MCI Denver is approved to disburse Federal Title IV Student Financial Aid.
The State of Colorado has approved MCI for eligibility into the WIA Eligibility System. Please call the center for more information.